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Mindful Parenting Coaching

  "Mindful Parenting involves intentionally bringing nonjudgmental      awareness, as best we can, to each moment."

                                                                                       - Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mindful Parenting Coaching helps you to:


  • Embody mindfulness for your own well-being as a parent or educator


  • Incorporate mindfulness to cultivate present-moment and non-judgmental attention for your child, your parent-child relationship

  • Become aware of automatic patterns of reactive impulses and learn to respond more appropriately and creatively with greater clarity and kindness

  • Navigate the ins and outs of everyday life and relationships in your life


  • Have the compassion to see the inner beauty of your child

How I Coach

  • Face to face coaching with the individual

  • Face to face coaching with groups and teams

  • Virtual coaching via Zoom

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