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Art of Mindful Eating​

Looking for a new way to nourish yourself in 2020?


Join us to learn how to 

  • Cultivate the habit of mindful eating
  • End the struggling with diet regimes
  • Break bad eating habits

  • Use inner wisdom to change automatic eating 

When :      6:30-8:00pm Every Wednesday,  15 Jan – 19 Feb

Where:      Falls Church Art Gallery, 700-B W Broad St

Coach :         Caroline Wu Beloe

Fee      :         $180 (6 Sessions) or $35 ( 1 Session)

Early Bird: $120 (6 Sessions) - by 25th Dec  

Fee covers:  all studying material, light snacks for the mindful eating exercises and 1 hour one-on-one consultation with Caroline

Each class includes an introduction, discussion, awareness exercises and mindful exercises. Exercises will be taught in the 6 weeks are: awareness of fullness, awareness of hunger, mindful eating, mindful snacking, taste satisfaction, mindful walking, mindful breathing, mini meditation and sitting body scan, etc.

Research found out that mindful eating can help you lose weight!

This program is NOT about dieting, NOT about calorie counting and absolutely NOT about willpower. 

Scholarship are available for school teachers

Contact:,  or  (703) 677-7149 

Sponsers: Caroline Beloe, LLC and Falls Church Art Gallery

Photo by Edgar Castrejon on Unsplash

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Clean Language for Coaches


Marian Way is an expert Clean facilitator, a programme writer and an inspirational trainer.  She has developed and delivered Clean training across the world. She is the author of Clean Approaches for Coaches and co-author, with James Lawley, of Insights in Space. She founded Clean Learning in 2001.



Dates: 1/7, 1/14, 2/4, 2/18

Time:   8:00-9:30pm (Beijing Time)

Venue: Online Zoom Class 


This four-part series on Clean Language, led by industry expert Marian Way is for coaches who want to learn a new and powerful method of working with clients, which combines a series of deceptively simple questions with deep mindfulness of the coach. The courses are informative, interactive, and experiential. 




·Session 1: 1/7/2020  8:00-9:30PM

What is Clean Language? Marian will explain the concept, share the clean questions, and give examples and demonstrations of using them in a one-on-one coaching context.


·Session 2: 1/14/2020 8:00-9:30PM 

Modeling: Marian will demonstrate the process of Clean Language coaching by working with a volunteer on surfacing their metaphor landscape, or mental models, related to an outcome they want to have. Marian will stop the process to reveal her own thinking as the process unfolds, and you will learn from her how to determine which clean questions to ask next.


·Session 3: 2/4/2020 8:00-9:30PM

Working with Metaphor: You will work in pairs to develop your own and another person’s metaphor, and then apply this approach to metaphors your own clients may bring up in a regular coaching conversation. As well, Marian will show you how to elicit a metaphor if your client doesn’t have one. You will discover that metaphors are everywhere.


·Session 4: 2/18/2020 8:00-9:30PM

Working with Desired Outcomes: All Clean Language coaching sessions start with the question, “And what would you like to have happen?” While this is an invitation for the client to state their desired outcome, often the client will talk about a problem, or how to get rid of a problem, or list six different desired outcomes, or talk about how they would like someone else to change. Marian will share with us the P.R.O. model, Problem-Remedy-Outcome, developed by James Lawley and Penny Tompkins, and there will be an opportunity to practice as well as get your questions answered.



The courses will take place on the Zoom platform. You will receive information on how to access the platform after we have received your completed registration form and payment. ICF 10 CEUs will be awarded for all participants who attend. All sessios will be recorded.


Total Fee:USD280 

Early Bird:USD260(First 8 enrolled)

Special Fee: USD250 for “Clean for Teams” student 

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