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Baby's Clutch

Mindful Parenting

8 weeks (next session opening soon)

9:000-10:15 am online


Course Description

"Mindful Parenting involves intentionally bringing nonjudgmental awareness, as best we can, to each moment."
- Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mindful parenting is the effort to bring awareness, attention, and curiosity to your interactions with your children. It involves listening, reflecting, and choosing to respond in a way that uplifts both parent and child. It is an ongoing practice.

The Mindful Parenting Training Program has been developed over the last 20 years by Prof. Susan Bögels (at Amsterdam University) and her colleagues and tested by independent international researchers worldwide. It is found to have profound and long-lasting effects on parental and child psychopathology and wellbeing, on parenting stress, overreactive parenting, parental sensitivity, the parent-child relationship quality, and co-parenting.

This pilot online Mindful Parenting Program is designed and facilitated by Caroline Wu Beloe. She is a long term member of WBFN. She is a certified Mindful Parenting Program trainer, trained by Prof. Bögels. This program consists of two parts of 8 weekly sessions.

No previous mindfulness meditation experience is required for registration. RSVP is required.

If you want to bring more joy and ease into parenting, this is the program for you. The goal of Part 1 is to support parents in dealing with parenting stress, by :

  1. Cultivating present-moment and non-judgmental attention for the child, the parent-child relationship, and parenting

  2. Recognizing and accepting things as they are in each moment, whether pleasant or unpleasant

  3. Becoming aware of automatic patterns of reactive impulses and learning to respond more appropriately and creatively with greater clarity and kindness.


Each session is 1 hour 15 minutes long and includes:

  1. Mindfulness Meditation

  2. Psychoeducation and inquiry

  3. Group discussion and sharing


**Important note: In order to benefit from the program, a daily practice of 10-20 minutes and attending minimum 6 sessions is required. If you can not commit, please consider to register next time. We have limited space to offer.

Suggested reading (Not required for registration): Mindful Parenting by Susan Bögels and Kathleen Restifo


When: Thursdays 2/1 to 3/21/2024 (8 sessions, Themes listed below)
Time: 9:00-10:15am
Venue: Online. ZOOM ID will be provided after registration.
RSVP: Required
Followup meeting: Thursday 5/3/2024, 9-10am (1 hour)

-Free for WBFN and IMFFA members
-$120 (8 sessions) for non-members or friends of members. Payment is due after 1 free trial session. Payment instructions will be sent to your registration email.


Theme of each session:
1. Introduction: please bring 2 raisins or craisins
2. Morning Stress+ Body Scan
3. Body Scan +Mindful Seeing
4. Morning Stress with 2nd perspective
5. Mindfulness of the Breath and Body

6. Body movement and Self-Compassion
7. Sitting+ Sound Meditation
8. Parental Stress and Doors Exercise


About WBFN Mindfulness Group: This group meets weekly to learn and practice secular mindfulness meditation. Caroline is the founder and co-leader of this group since 2019. The weekly meeting will pause when we run a special program.

About Caroline Wu Beloe:
Caroline, a seasoned mindfulness instructor with certifications including MMTCP, MBSR, MiSP, and MBEAT, is also a experienced leadership coach (PCC). The practice of mindfulness has not only enabled her to navigate the challenges of her globally mobile life but has also enhanced her ability to listen as a coach. It is her passion to share the benefit of mindfulness with teens and adults internationally. 


Thanks for registering to our event. You will receive an introduction email shortly. Please submit payment via Paypal for course placement guarantee.

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